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The 6th Annual Web Host Awards!

Posted on December 21, 2011

To all of our loyal readers and clients alike we need your help securing a nomination for the 2011 Readers Choice Award! 2011 has been a monstrous year for Overline India, We know this could not be possible without our amazing clients.  After all, without our clients we would have nothing.

The details for the nomination process are listed below. Please take a moment to help us handle a different kind of change.

This is a chance for web hosting companies to receive acclaim as an innovators, be recognized by industry peers and customers and stand out from the crowd.

Take part in one of the most exciting competitions in the industry today by nominating the most influential and state-of-the-art hosting provider, and be eligible to win the big prize - Black iPod Touch 8GB!

Click Here to submit your nomination!

Oh yes, you can vote once a day until December 14th, 2011. So, please do!