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Overline India Launches New Affiliate Program

Posted on December 13, 2011

We have launched a unique affiliate program in the hosting industry this week. This affiliate program is expected to be most unique & beneficial affiliate systems offered by any hosting company. Overline India has designed a tiered structure to reward affiliates who promote and generate sales.

Affiliates who sign up for the program will get access to a library of banners of all different sizes & shapes. Affiliates will add these banners or text on their site(s) and Overline India manages the rest. Overline India will track all traffic & sales generated from an affiliate and pay you commission according to your Level.

All affiliates start as XL Level affiliates. XL Level affiliates earn 10% recurring commission of our revenue from the referral. What makes the Overline India affiliate program unique and attractive is the fact it starts from 10% commission to 25% recurring commission on referrals. If you reach up to Rs.25,000/USD 500 monthly commission within first 3 months of sign up XL Level affiliates are automatically upgraded to XXL Level --increase the commission rate to 15%, and so forth. The final level is Gold, where you earn 25% recurring commission of our revenue from referrals.

"The Overline India has come with this new concept to give more profit & commission to its affiliates to encourage them work harder and earn more. Unlike the rest of the affiliate systems, we'll pay commissions for as long as the referral customer stays with us. This level system enourages every  affiliates to work harder & promote us to achieve highest XL Gold Level and get 25% commission on each referral which is obviously a very handsome commission comparing to other affiliate programs." says Overline India CEO Santosh Bhattacharyya.

For more information about the new affiliate program please visit - http://overlineindia.net/affiliates.php

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