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Do you need an additional IP address?

Posted on November 21, 2012

I think this is a common question that comes up for many VPS consumers and consumers often think they need an additional IP when they do not. The most common issue is because of NS2 or one SSL site but I will go through the basics. Do you need a dedicated IP

for your nameserver?
No, you do not need a dedicated IP for nameservers. One IP address can be used for many things, including hosting both web sites and nameservers.

Do you need an additional IP for NS2?
No. This is a common myth, there is absolutely no point to having a second IP for NS2 if both IPs are on the same virtual server. The only reason two IPs are to be used is for redundancy, hence they are supposed to be hosted on two different servers in two different datacenters.

If both IP addresses are on the same virtual server and that virtual server goes offline, both nameservers will be offline, hence no redundancy is given.

You can assign the same IP address for both NS1 and NS2 if you are just hosting off of one VPS.

Do you need a dedicated IP for SSL?
The first SSL certificate, no. Each one after, yes. You can run the first SSL site off of the same IP as other web sites, as long as you only need one SSL web site. For every SSL web site thereafter, you will need to have a dedicated IP.

SNI, or Server Name Indication, removes the requirement for dedicated IPs, but currently Windows XP and some older operating systems do not support it, although you should definitely look into implementing it in the near future as both IPv4 space and Windows XP users are rapidly declining.

You have multiple web sites, one SSL web site, and want to host your own nameservers on a single VPS, how many IP addresses do you need?
Just the one. The one IP can be used for both nameservers, the first SSL certificate, as well as multiple non-SSL web sites.

Will multiple IPs in different class C (/24) blocks help my SEO ranking?
Not noticeably. This is an old fashioned way of committing SEO practices and is now-a-days a myth that many companies use to get extra money from their IP space. This will not help for any of the popular search engines and should be frowned upon especially with the lack of IPv4 space.

Hope this guide helps you save money and contributes to some conservation of the limited IPv4 resources.

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